About Mirador Group

Mirador Group has built a reputation for meticulous design and inspiring professionalism in Houston for over 28 years. The firm’s integrated architectural practice encompasses residential and commercial architecture, interior architecture, and interior design. We are driven by the belief in building enduring relationships and enhancing lives through contextual and relevant architecture and design. Our purpose is to enrich communities with responsible, aesthetically pleasing designs that resonate with the people within and around them. By creating architecture that transcends the ordinary, we contribute to a world where spaces inspire and connect, making lasting impacts on the places we call home and the environments we share.

Core Values and Philosophy:

At Mirador Group, our core values and philosophy are the bedrock of our identity, shaping how we approach every project and interaction. We stand united by the following principles:

  • Creative: We embrace creativity as the driving force behind every endeavor. Our passion for innovative solutions fuels our commitment to envision, design, and deliver distinctive and inspiring spaces.
  • Passionate: Passion infuses our work with dedication and enthusiasm. We channel this fervor into every aspect of our projects, pushing boundaries to exceed expectations and leave an indelible mark of excellence.
  • Collaborative: We believe in the power of collaboration, where diverse perspectives converge to craft extraordinary designs. We thrive on teamwork, valuing each voice and skillset that contributes to our collective success.
  • Service Oriented: Our dedication to service extends beyond projects. We prioritize the needs of our clients, partners, and communities, aiming to exceed expectations and create meaningful, lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction.
  • Diverse and Inclusive: We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, recognizing the strength derived from unique backgrounds and experiences. In fostering an environment of equity and acceptance, we unlock a rich tapestry of ideas that enrich our designs and positively impact the world around us.

Incorporating these core values and philosophy into every facet of our work, we strive to set new standards in architecture and design. Our unwavering commitment to creativity, passion, collaboration, service, diversity, and inclusivity defines who we are and propels us towards a future where our collective vision comes to life, creating spaces that resonate with the soul and elevate the human experience.

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